How to write an exploratory essay

Here, the writer peruses over the various overviews of people regarding an issue or a topic. Afterward, they walk through the problem, and air their view without refuting or drawing a biased conclusion. Social media is defined as online sites where people create, connect and share audio, visual and written content . Imagine the possibilities of what this can do when applied to the classroom setting! Body – This section should contain the main points for or against your theory or viewpoint of the given exploratory essay topic. Make sure you include examples, facts, figures and any information required to make your points valid and understood. Turning to an exploratory essay structure, it’s essential to include the following elements as you start writing.

  • To deliver a great essay, you need to think introspectively about the topic and not delve into idle speculation.
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  • Your principal objective when preparing this essay is to undertake a thorough investigation first, then think about and assess a few distinct viewpoints on a specific topic.
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To a certain extent, your conclusion will resemble your introduction. Here, you should restate the chosen issue, list several possible causes, mention people and institutions involved. It is important to provide some possible solutions the same way you did it in your introduction. It is likely that you will still have some questions pertaining to the problem.

Body paragraphs

As an exploration of your approach to a topic, an exploratory essay will necessarily incorporate research material. As a result, you should expect to include a bibliography or references page with your essay. This page will list both the sources that you cite in your essay, as well as any sources that you may have consulted during your research process. This section discusses what college essay proofreading service you can expect in an exploratory essay assignment, in terms of length, style, and sources. Instructors may also provide you with an exploratory essay example or an assignment rubric to help you determine if your essay meets the appropriate guidelines. Many individuals start a business or interact with it in some way. Because of this, exploratory essay questions are widespread.

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  • As you are free to move from one topic to another, a common theme is still necessary.
  • The expected length of an exploratory essay varies depending on the topic, course subject, and course level.

Your task will be to share the results of your investigations and observations with your readers. Moreover, you will have to present your findings in such a way that enables your reader to trace the progress and logic of your exploratory work.

Exploratory Essay

For example, when writing about the cause and effect format, you must include the situation or problem , followed by its effects on health . Make sure not to use too much detail as this will complicate your paper and bore your readers. When writing this essay, you need to follow a specific structure. The explanatory essay format is the one most teachers prefer to receive from their students because it is simple and easy to understand.

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Read the paper over and make note of grammar and spelling mistakes, anything that you think is good and where you believe additional support might be needed. You need to introduce the question – typically at the end of the introduction.

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After writing and evaluating the thesis problem in your paper, you will be in a position of drawing credible solutions and recommendations based on your admission essay editing services research. You do not have to convince the reader on the effectiveness of the solutions but explain the possible solutions existing to the problem.

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A 100 page book is about 30,000 words. If you write more than 1500 words per week, you can expect for it to take 2 – 4 months to write a 100 page book.

It may be one of the most difficult processes of creating an exploratory essay as it covers a vast range of subjects – there is not really one single definitive topic. We understand this and may help as possess extensive knowledge of exploratory genre. In paragraphs below, we will explore this subject and share over 100 different essay topics. Remember, the golden rule of academic writing is to always do some preliminary research on the topic you’re covering. Once you have all the necessary information, you can begin working on your paper by creating an outline. As for the structure and format, this assignment isn’t much different from other essays.

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These hooks include an exciting quotation, a startling fact or statistic, current reference to pop culture, etc. All schools, colleges, or universities have policies regarding the requirements to submit well-written papers free of all writing mistakes. Here is a good exploratory essay example for you to review before writing your next essay. Exploratory essays only aim to answer all the possible questions made by the author and not to present any argument.

The best part about good exploratory essay topics is that they don’t restrict their writers to having to focus on reaching a particular conclusion or back up a given thesis. Instead, writers have a certain degree of freedom to express themselves, and that’s exactly what an exploratory essay is good for. The essay’s central idea needs to be briefly summarized in the exploratory essay thesis statement. Mapping out your facts is crucial when creating an effective thesis. In an exploration essay, you may only raise and explore questions about a subject. Choose the principal subject for your paper, which should be related to the thesis.

Exploratory essays

All of these essay topics make for a wonderful starting point when it comes to writing a fascinating yet balanced exploratory essay. A well-written paper will make sure to take into account a multiplicity of approaches to the subject. This includes considering your subject from a range of perspectives and taking into account the social, personal, historical, or psychological implications. Once this has been done, any solutions or conclusions you offer will take on a new degree of validity. The list of topics for exploratory essay writing is truly endless, but some surely provide more inspiration than others.

We hope this reference will help you organize your thoughts, give direction for research, and create an outstanding essay. There are global formatting guidelines that are involved in producing high-quality papers.


Thus, you will be able to ask for some amendments within four days after the essay has been delivered. The influence of religion on family life and child-rearing. However, the thesis should not be universally accepted as true. Instead, it should be something that people can disagree with. You should be concise while stating your insights, evaluation, and analysis. Type your requirements and I’ll connect you to an academic expert within 3 minutes. Your introduction explains why the problem is important.

How many paragraphs should an explanatory essay have?

Outline your Ideas

Writing a five-paragraph explanatory essay generally means devoting one paragraph to the introduction and conclusion and three paragraphs to the body. Creating an outline is just jotting down the points you plan to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

The exploratory essay is typically organized in a basic three-part format, which includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In the introduction, you bring forward the issue or topic you are about to explore and provide a brief explanation as to why it matters enough to warrant an essay. buy cheap dissertations And the conclusion presents an overview of the issue that prompted the study, reviews the different viable talking points explored in the body, and ties up loose ends. Conclude an exploratory essay by condensing the research questions, suggested solutions, and views you picked up along the way.

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This is not easy, so do not feel bad to ask a professional writer for help. As a complex mixture of speculative rumination and digression, exploratory essay papers are not as challenging as it may sound to most students. In practice, it evaluates personal experiences, ideas or beliefs without additional research thesis or evidence-based argumentation. Exploring diverse thoughts, such author observes and carefully leads reader towards particular idea. Unlike expository writing that stands for proof of each claim, exploratory assignment leaves enough space for an audience to think and relate to author’s thoughts. Most importantly, such tasks should be of personal interest to student, therefore, topic ideas must be chosen wisely with creative approach. Use allegories, figurative language, and deeper analysis to make content truly explorative.

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Tell your reader who is involved with this issue; offer possible solutions. Here you should also mention the sources you used in your exploration. The concept of an exploratory essay is that you start without an end in mind. You don’t necessarily know how you feel about a subject help me with my exploratory essay or what you want to say about the subject, you allow the research and your own direction to determine the outcome. This is writing to learn rather than writing to prove what you know. An exploratory essay conclusion does not imply a repetition of the summary of your findings.

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I am not very familiar with the exact repercussions in either taking or not taking the medicine. I am aware that it helps to control and lessen some of the more prominent effects of Autism. I would be curious to find out what parts of Autism actually create the most evident obstacles found with Autistic people. This research could further my understanding of why most of this population is deemed as unproductive, etc. Regardless, this medicine should be accessible to all families in order for them to provide for their loved ones. When the medical bills are too high, the families are sometimes forced to surrender, and consequently their Autistic family member is then found in a group home.

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